BREXIT & lessons for the world

23rd June Night, Whole world was in deep slumber, oblivious from a silent catastrophe aimed at making the global equations on peace, prosperity, growth and indispensably globalization unscrupulous and complicated. When the world woke up on 24th June morning, all eyes were flabbergasted, Great Britain had shockingly voted to leave EUROPEAN UNION spreading a wave of shock across the world. Everyone concerned with global events, market and global unification, coming across the shocking news either on television, newspapers or radio could not trust on their own senses. Even the people who voted for the result in Britain also could not believe they have rally voted for leaving the EU?  Probably this event of UNITED KINGDOM deciding to leave its heart EU was the most discussed event in last two decades. Even the rating agencies rated this above American presidential elections.

As the news of Britain pulling itself out of EUROPE speeded, their repercussions were pretty ostensible. Markets across the world registered huge turbulences following the decisions. Pound fallen to record three decade low. It disturbed the currencies worldwide and resulted in wrecking the fortunes of the investors on the day globally. High profile offices of world leaders, business persons, investors, share holders worldwide opened mid night to check the effect of the turbulence engineered by UK referendum.  Even laypersons globally goggled BREXIT in billions, ac to goggle data.

After all at a time when globalization is at peak, Interconnectivity and interdependences across the world has increased manifolds. Whole world business of market, education, culture, politics, living is going widely collective and united, why UK voted for separation rather than unity? Why isolation rather than pluralism? Why individualism rather than collectiveness? For getting the answer, we need to delve into past.

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After World War 2 terminated in 1944, many attempts were put forward and even enacted to shield the world from such devastating occurrences. Apparently it was even more important after America rode on Sir Einstein’s mastery to discover the technology of atom bomb. Efforts were counted eventually as UNITED NATIONS came into existence on OCT 24th 1945. In the chase to peace, unification and modernization of the world, many such organizations worldwide were put in place as NATO, COMMONWEALTH etc. EUROPIAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (EEC) was one of them being founded in 1957, aimed at promoting business, facilitating communication and reducing boundaries for better execution of plans and achieving fast growth. In 1992 EEC was named EUROPIAN UNION.

The new name itself signifies the 28 members of the EU are connected in a loop for more than business only, even politically and on policy making front, EU member countries shares a common perspective. United Kingdom which a group of four nations viz. ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, NORTHERN IRELAND and WALES were granted membership of EU in 1972 after strenuous efforts from UK conservative party leader Margret Thatcher.

picture depicting the result of the referendum polls on June 23, in different regions of the UK
After winning membership of EU, grey and grim UK turned into a global destination and centre of attraction for the whole world. Feeling the pluralism and diversity, UK grown rapidly and earned inexplicable tags of excellence in terms of business, educational universities and tourism, hence promoting economy of UK to pinnacle.  Presently the main opposition in UK, the LABOUR PARTY has been the strong critical of continuance of the UK in EU. Since UK got EU membership, these opposition parties has led the race of politically spreading the news of UK losing many a things by not parting with UK. This issue has been so politically sensitive in UK that even a new party promising to bring back UK from EU won more than 400 parliamentary seats in general elections in 1992.

Seriousness of the issue is further complicated because in the present referendum while the portions of ENGLAND strongly voted for leaving EU, SCOTLAND, IRELAND and WALES significantly voted to stay in EU. Following the result of referendum, the First minister of the SCOTLAND MS. Nicola Sturgeon demanded another referendum for independence further giving big blow to the people of central UK and its leadership, noting that in 2014 SCOTLAND refused the independence demand by 55:45. Spain also launched sharp comments to regain the rights of WALES, which was wrestled by Britain from Spain in 1773.

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As the results were out, the rivals of UK in EU, France who has been critical to UK’s membership of EU always and RUSSIA called for a speedy execution of article 50 (allow members to leave EU) of EU, putting the economy of UK in rue and danger. Following the heat and pressure, UK Prime Minister MR. Cameron, whose creativity has done many goods for Britain, announced his resignation. As Britain is set to become the violent victim of the decision to leave UK and also affecting the economy of rest of world, youths and middle age people in UK are feeling deceived and left alone. Many groups are protesting against the validity of the referendum and are calling for other referendum before starting the process of pulling Britain out of EU. People of the Britain are sensing a collusion of starving Britain of resources and isolating it. Columnists, reporters, policy makers, leaders and even the prime minister of the UK are not sure about the future of UK sans EU.

Seldom has it happened when one event draws so much attention of the world what has been done by BREXIT (Britain exit from EU). It might happen that Britain grows economically richer but unambiguously this great country will be scarce of spirit, pluralism and standing.  Although repercussions of BREXIT will be visible in future, it has left some big lessons for the rest of the world, which people can adapt in their life and avoid any such melodrama and rise extensively.

First lesson BREXIT reflects is the importance of democracy and the rights of the people. Many a time it has been noted that people hesitate utilizing the full benefits of the provided rights. As democracy has brought happiness into the life of the people, they ignore the responsibility they should have towards democratic nation. Facts revealed that around only 60% people voted in the referendum to leave or stay in UK. Further analysis says that the more than 80% of the voters were more than 50 years of age, who are in their last phase of jobs & services, who has been not an admirer of pluralistic environment and hate migrations from other nations. As the people below 50 year age, maximum of which are supporters of not leaving EU, took the referendum as granted that ‘LEAVE’ will lose, they did not turn up to polling booths and hence committing the biggest blunder of their life as they are now forced to continue their whole life alienated to EU and hence reduced opportunities (as seems now). It might have been possible that if 50-60% of the young voters turn up to the booths, results could have been different.

Hence this referendum put forward a big lessons for the people of the democracies, please be a eager and competent user of your rights. Turn up to the polling booths when you are supposed to or else others will script your future.

Second quintessential thought ‘BREXIT’ emanates is the advent of the tough time for communists. The repercussions of the rise of the right wing ideology across the globe are causing great damage to the communist propagators. The outcomes of referendum has depicted that people are moving away from communist thinking. The communist way of multiculturalism and shared values & properties are on the verge of shrinking. People of Great Britain have shown that people have started loving boundaries and this reflection is enough for the communists to start their packing.

As whole BREXIT story was scripted behind the pervasive problem of migration from other European nations due to the open boundaries, flexible policies and relaxed norms, people of UK have replied to this in a thumbing fashion, even if it is going to cost them financially, in spirit and diversity. It marks; no corner of the universe will accept illicit migration. A tough message for SYRIA, PAKISTAN, BANGLADESH and African nations.

Another imperative message BREXIT leaves are for dictator China. The way Britain did not mind the damage and negative repercussions to its economy, deciding their future china must take big lessons. The way china has been blocking India’s march to world bodies like UNSC and NSG, days are not much far when India should decide to pull off its strong business deal with CHINA, leaving the 2nd largest economy in shock and rattled. Here is the big thing for China to grasp of.

Like a shock BREXIT happened, Britain is preparing itself to reverse the damage that will be caused from EU divorce; whole world is eager to witness whether UK would be able to march past the left BREXIT powers. What’s your say, will it happen? Will Britain thrive? Will the British administration prove all speculations wrong?


3 thoughts on “BREXIT & lessons for the world

  1. Shruti Shubhangee says:

    Britain shouldn’t leave, because I think Britain can do more good, for itself and for Europe, inside the EU than out. Inside the EU, Britain can balance the continental powers and use its liberal traditions for the common good. Outside, perhaps cut loose by a far more pro-European Scotland, England will survive, but with markedly less sway. And if freedom means more than being left alone, there will be less of that as well.

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  2. Prakash Kumar says:

    Rightly said Shruti. Britain is the largest country of the EU and it pulling itslef out from the organisation is a big blow agaist globalisation and world integrity. Eventually looking upon BREXIT with Indian concern, damages appear huge and grandiose for India. India have more than 1800 companies working in UK, who are in rue & danger of devastation. Envisaging Mr. Modi’s dream of elevating India as a super power on international platform, Britain have been the natural partner at every step. Indian students in large no leverage from Universities in UK, due to a little chraper education, driven by EU’s great sum of funding to UK for university development. At this front India are surely going to lose.

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