As soon as intelligence agencies received the inputs of his stay in Anantnag last week IB, CRPF, and other central government agencies deployed their scouts for reconnaissance about the every activity of the most wanted person in Jammu & Kashmir since last five years. These organizations were firmly determined this time to crack the nut, as this evildoer had many escapes in past from security forces and eventually it was turning an intimidating threat to Indian pride, sovereignty, and unity every time. Based on the received inputs from the reconnoiters, IB planned to get rid of the most dangerous face in the Kashmir valley, who always used to put on bulletproof jacket irrespective of time and work. On the day of exchange of EID greetings, that boy was not wearing the bulletproof jacket and IB utilized this occasion to the fullest. He was invited to a remote and fenced area to greet his girlfriend a/c to agencies plan to gun him down. As the 21-year boy reached to meet the lady, CRPF bombed the house from back. People in the house ran away and were caught in the two layers strong security across the building, resulting in the heavy shelling from both sides & end of the most tech savvy and grandiose face of the HIZBUL MUJAHIDEEN, BURHAN MUZZAFAR WANI in Kashmir.

Following the killing of terrorist BURHAN by security forces, the separatists and anti-national forces supported by Pakistan and terrorist organizations instigated the nave Kashmir residents to grow violent and attack CRPF and Indian symbols of sovereignty to disturb the peace and amity across the valley. Kashmiri followed the call by many separatists’ leaders, which has developed catastrophically and as of now many people and security forces have been killed in the clashes and stone pelting.

See, how a 10-year-old child is a pelting stone. What does he know? He has been instigated by Hurriyat. It is time for him to be in school. Pic source:Google

Just a few days back, TARUSHI JAIN named Indian girl along with 15 other Muslims were killed by ISIS in Dhaka, around 125 km from the Indian border. ISIS bombarded the Indian subcontinent after registering its presence across the major cities in the world. Surprisingly intelligence agencies of India and Bangladesh found shocking inputs of the attack to the Islamic preacher in India, ZAKIR NAIK. Amidst the call from across the country to bar ZAKIR and ban its hate propaganda, one of the raucous followers of ZAKIR, Burhan wani was killed in Kashmir. It’s despicable that Glasgow and many other terrorist attackers were inspired from ZAKIR NAIK’s to commit the carnage.

As Kashmir has turned a war zone now following Burhan’s killing, the hatemonger across the state are again firing the salvo of independent Kashmir and violations of human rights. It should be noted that few month back a similar incident took place in NIT SRINAGAR where local Muslim students entangled with students from other Indian states on the basis of nationalism and defaming its own country.
As history is full of rues and wonders of such incidents after lord Hari Singh signed the instrument of accessions under article 370 of IPC to the union of India in 1947 to counter and retaliate Pakistani incursion and crush their ambitions of capturing the beautiful Kashmir. The conflict of Kashmir between India & Pakistan has taken various turns in last seventy years. There have been various religious conflicts in J&K. Kashmiri pundits were forced to migrate. Hindus in Jammu region has always been loyal to the Indian constitution, Christians in Ladakh region have great reverence to Indian symbols and so is the case with Muslims in Kashmir valley. But the birth of separatists groups in 1989, supported by Pakistan has further complicated the situation. India and Pakistan fought three wars for Kashmir namely in 1947, 1965 and 1999 but in 1972 war of India and china has further tangled the case as china captured over Aksai Chin of J&K.

Sea of people attended last funerals of BUHRAN WANI. Why this sea does not embark to congratulate Mr. AAAMIR who got 2nd rank in UPSC 2015. why is a terrorist their hero, not an IAS officer ? Pic source: google

I wonder that how a state with the largest Muslim population in India had a Hindu ruler as Maharaja Hari Singh, How it is having the one of the finest shrines for Hindus namely famous AMARNATH SHRINES. Why Muslims in Kashmir turn anti-India occasionally, is it correct? After all, why 100 million Indians who have not visited Kashmir even once in his/her life, are always ready to sacrifice their lives for Kashmir? Why Kashmiri Muslims help Indian Hindus on the way to Amarnath? Perhaps the reason is itself Kashmir Indian fraternity, rapport and loveliness, which has been eaten by Pakistani agents in Kashmir- Hurriyat and Separatists (Silent terrors).

Tarishi was killed in a cafe in Dhaka by ISIS as she was told to recite some lines of Kuraan, but she could not. This raises blatant questions on the religion of terrorism worldwide. Terrorist wings in different countries try to camouflage their identity by terming them Sufism (Indian), wahabi, sunni and others but the dark side is that all of these are just a hoax in people eye’s rather than a propagating idea of terrorism. pic source: Google

Noting the rise of right-wing politicians across the globe and stricter actions against Muslims, the worse conditions of poverty in Muslim countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan etc.  Unambiguously India is the finest place for Muslims to live in. but due to some anti-nationals like ZAKIR NAIK and OWAISI, Indian Muslims are fooled on religious grounds and they are used for political ramifications. The preachers like ZAKIR Naik diverges the attentions of the youths from employment and prosperity to fanatic Islamic activities and terrorism and in the flow of emotional attachments people forget their primary requirements and opt the evils of killing, murder, hate and violence. Here comes the problem of Kashmir.  It sounds wonder when some radical caliphates call for freedom inside India, dude wakes up from your deep slumbered dream.
Now the question arises is, why Kashmir youths opt for terrorism, support Hurriyat and join separatist’s organizations? Why they don’t love a peaceful life? What factors lead them to jeopardize their life? Are Kashmir people protestors and anti-Indians since birth? Why does BURHAN WANI become their hero? NO, the answer lies somewhere else. Kashmir people are not terrorists, protestors and anti-Indian by birth. They do love a prosperous life. They do have respect for Indians, Indian symbols, and democracy. The proof was itself BURHAAN, who used to top the classes during his school days. Kashmiri are instigated and fooled by HURRIYAT, SEPARATISTS and ANTI INDIA FORCES from across the border for their personal gains. They imbibe the feeling of hatred towards Indians into them for years and the consequence is to fore.

Tourism has been the major source of employment but the tensed Kashmir has eliminated this source of the job too for long. It’s time for the youths in J&K to get placated and lead to noble life rather than earning money by throwing stones on an army. pic source: Kashmirtourism

Another big phase what lead to turning youths in Kashmir protestors and insurgent is the lack of employment. In the response to exasperation due to unemployment, guys join HURRIYAT and HIZBUL MUZZAHIDDIN for money. A number of youths whom we see on television pelting stones at army are not supporting the bid for independent Kashmir; rather they are doing it for money. How this can be solved- kicking off more projects on an industry? Yes, it might be a probable solution but the march of industries to Kashmir would result in destroying the natural beauty of the heaven on earth. Noting that tourism is the best source of employment in J&K. then why tourism sector have not been enhanced till now in J&K, the answer is- lack of peace across the valley. Youths in J&K must understand that peace would not prevail until and unless they stop supporting HURRIYAT and terrorism and hence the creation of jobs. They must envisage that their hero is ATHAR UL AAMIR, who scored 2nd rank in UPSC EXAM this year NOT BURHAN.
The government of India has done a good job by sending tough messages to the separatists and Kashmiri anti-nationals, terrorism won’t be tolerated; no matter we have to deploy all Indians in the Kashmir to fight foes. The government must also put strenuous effort to isolate separatists and project ATHAR UL AAMIR like people as the hero.  The Indian government has been very sober towards the development of J&K. Employment opportunities, education, and service sector in Kashmir is being revamped. Industrial and infrastructure developments are being carried out very rapidly despite the risks and Kashmiri anti-India Muslims should understand that their demand for independent Kashmir or moving to Pakistan will never be fulfilled. J&K is an integral part of the nation and it will be. Terrorizing J&K and aspiring for ratification won’t do well for them as we Indians love our mother nation, we love our sovereignty and also J&K. Get the habit of respecting the national symbols and the secular nation with best living conditions for all religions.

J&K has a different flag than tricolor. Article 370 of IPC grants special status to J&K. Pic source: Google

What is your say on the rising menace of the islamic explosion in India ? How can India protect itself from the massacres carried out by ISIS, which has now reached demarcation of the peninsula? How can Kashmir be placated ? Are Muslims worried of Mr. Modi and so such insane statements they are making ? How sovereignty, religious tolerance and beauty in the diversity of the country can be saved amidst huge turbulences on a religious pitch ?
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  1. Prerna says:

    Awesome experience reading your blog , it’s a very nice way to enlighten the faded knowledge about our country and society for those who keep a distance from newspaper, at least for me it is… thanks for sharing, keep posting👍

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    1. IndiaBlog says:

      Thank You Prerna ! I hope Indians must love India, no matter wherever they are across the world. every prosperous indian must reply to its profuse responsibility of responding to the demands of 650 million poors residing across the country. Now a days India have been caught in mesh due to extraneous altercations and even gullible reigners, we will have to hammer out illness to protect the identity of pioneer India poses before the world since ancient time. 🙂

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  2. indianstreetwriter says:

    ow it was an amazing article regarding Kashmir a valley of black shades the crown of India mean while a hot and current topic to talk about any ways thanx for sharing such a wonderful article with the world .The flow of your words i liked it..you covered all the scenarios the history,the present condition,its continuity, why and because..got a whole picture of valley hope so people around the world will read it as like i did and will know the truth belongs to whom. so keep commenting by it was good to be there with you…:-)

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    1. IndiaBlog says:

      thank you for the kind gestures and appreciation. Indian Media are credulous and gullible, you can not expect from them, they will write in nation’s interest rather they do ignite and catalyze the issues in anti india directions. whole country observed how media fuelled the recent violence in Kashmir? the intricate and noble angle of social media like blogging should come to the rescue of the vacuum created by paid media houses. sure I will 🙂

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  3. shreyans says:

    First time I connected with a article on Kashmir. I have been there and realized that some people there are like all of us, like normal human beings. But due to involvement of Pak some are getting disturbed. And we have all made this a Hindu Muslim agenda, and the fight in Kashmir is now started everywhere in the country. I hope there is some solution to this..

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    1. IndiaBlog says:

      Definetly, There is no doubt that the people in Kashmir are also good humans but the main thing is that they are credulous, who blindly believe in so called their clerics even at the cost of their happy and prosperous life. Seperatists and assistance from pakistan has added new dimensions to kashmir issue since 1989, when militants first time surfaced.

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      1. shreyans says:

        Yes right…do you have a solution in your mind..because we can keep on discussing problems, but do we have any solution..is the main question..i would like to hear what solution do you propose to this problem..or there isn’t any..?

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  4. IndiaBlog says:

    Sure, many not one depending upon the scenes best suited in the interest of the nation. As you have already paid a visit to Kashmir, You might be aware of the situation better than others, still going in the past and contemplating on the issue progressivly as it happened, Solution would be surfaced.

    At the time of independence, when Union of India and dominion of Pakistan were carved out, Kashmir opted for an independent state neither proIndian nor proPak. It was all due to majority musLim population residing in J&K and simultaneously a hindu ruler ruling over it. Maharaj Hari singh who was averse to joining pakistan, felt akwardness in joining India as it might have agonised muslims in the valley. But due to the henious attack from Pak on Kashmir, Hari singh had to sign an instrument of accession to India in 1947. It was done with the intervention of UN, UN imposed certain provisions to both parties India and Pak. Both are reluctant to follow it till now from then 1948 agreement. The issue of kashmir surfaced here, pakistan’s impedance and India’s justification which further integrated in rise of militants in kashmir in 1989 onwards. Which has resulted in claiming lIves of a number of civilians, army personnels and others. Before 1989, Kashmir was not disturbed to the extent as it is now. First solution would be…India and pakistan both agree on the terms and conditions set by the UN in 1947 and allow peace to prevail in Kashmir. Pakistan is not at all ready to follow it.

    In an alternative manner, the thaw can further be resolved by considering the first option does not roll out, opting for another way. Why people of Kashmir are turning voilent against India aftee 1989 tussle? Answer itself is the some sort of wrong doings, paucity of resources, discrimination, lack of employment opportunities and till a little extent atrocities on kashmiri muslims. If india can win the trust of kashmiri people by providing them enough aminities, opportunities and space for propagating their views on religious terms, Issue can be significantly brough down on voilent ranks. AFSPA, this ia the major concern for the kashmiris. Gobt should opt for diluting some sections in AFSPA, like punishing army men who are found guilty of specified crimes. This move will not only earn the trust of kashmiri residents but also will provide very less room for Seperatists for protest and inciting people. Further the move can be taken ahead to placate Seperatists. make all round developments, create employmemt opportunities, engage youths in productive works, stop discrimination… this can lead to reducing anti India sentiments in the valley.

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