Why always ‘WOMEN’ ??

In a country as diverse as India, who pioneered the whole world through its immaculate expertise during ancient time riding on divinity are now, leaving no stone unturned to demean the same, whom they worshiped as deity few years back. Why women are always the stalks, in India? If one turns back the pages of history, the pages are witness of the vigor, sense, humanity and respect, women in India hold. The country, where majority of heads idolizes goddess (women), take inspirations from its rich past where women grew as the ambassador of peace, love and left the trails of divinity behind their stories (Goddess Sita, Parvati, Laxmi), which has billions of emulators as of now, how stratospherically it has stunted to double standards, where one side they arrive at temples, to offer prayers to their power goddess and on the other side they bombard to insult the women, ignore their demands, push them out of mainstream, exploit them and finally turn an ungrateful men? Hindus who follow the great scripture on Hinduism “BHAGAWAD  GEETA” (which as of now earning great acceptance worldwide due to its relevant subjects) says WHOEVER TAKES REFUGE IN ME, WOMEN, VAISHYAS AND SHUDRAS AND EVEN THOSE BORN IN THE WOMB OF SIN, THEY TOO WILL REACH ME, THE HIGHEST GOAL.

They why we turn averse to the sermons, whom we worship with profuse sanctity and impeccability? Women in India are left asides, blamed for theirs good acts also in a patriarchal society, ignored their protests and harassed? Why, who will answer this? When we will understand that way to divinity, heaven and peace lies in the way we live, the way we treat with the beautiful creatures on the planet?

The recent of all atrocities, women in India faces is the breaking of the 16 year-long fasting by activists IROM CHANU SHARMILA against the controversial Army Force Special Power Act (AFSPA) in Manipur. A girl who puts strenuous efforts for the welfare of the people of the nation is incarcerated; her human rights are seized, abused and left at the bay. Government kept on changing but no one did take stricter steps to address the grievances put forward by her for public wellbeing.  If the protest would have been leaded by men, like tycoon RAMDEV, India’s top ministers arrive at the protest site to placate and pacify him, fulfill his demand. Then why IROM was left, no one reached for talks with her. Every government undermined her protest stirred by her. Single reason, despite knowing AFSPA cannot be fully repealed, yet some rooms for dilutions of codes remains, she was looked down on by politicians in India as she is a woman.  She is ignored.

Lord BUDHHA said in India, mother is the centre of life, family and she is our highest ideal. She is to us the representative of the god as god is the mother of the universe.  Every good Hindu believes, that my mother was pure and holy, and hence I owe her everything that I am. That is the secret of the race chastity.  One side we worship lord BUDHAA, other side we exacerbate his preaching.  Since the independence India has been assumed as patriarchal society, and people have taken this assumption in wrong way where they take it as granted to attack women on every possible issue.

Pre – Marital rape remains a big issue even after education is rapidly spreading in the society. A number of girls in India suffer from pre-marital rape. It’s all due to the lack of government’s backing to the resources to thwart such moves and execute the brutal perpetrators quickly, novice relationships, deceiving, socialist crimes and collusion. Now what appears the biggest threat is that girls suffering from these ill practices do not find any proper law in IPC to get their rights, lead to a prosperous life. These girls find the way very tricky, full of thorns and slippery to continue their lives as they don’t have any backing from a fake feminist society and whence from government. They suffer the hell of pandemonium on the beautiful place on the universe to live in, nevertheless.

Irom Chanu Sharmila, a woman activist from Manipur (INDIA) against AFSPA

Similar is the situation in the case of divorced and widows, who lose the company of their partners in the mid way the journey. Now for the women, holding any children, India is reluctant to providing many essential amenities to such children like passports and visas. They keep the father’s name column mandatory. After all why can not a mother’s presence suffice for their future? How much fake feminism, you will juxtapose after your negligence and ignorance.

The predicament of the women in the country is further depicted by the obstinate and insensible comments made by politicians. RRS chief says, rape happens due to short skirts, girls wear. Mulayam Singh says boys are immature, they commit rape sometimes. It’s not an offence. The list is long. How a society driven behind the power of goddess, can succumbs to these? When we will start respecting our daughters, mothers, sisters, wives, friends and Indians?

In next one decade, India is all set to become the country with largest women population in the world. Are not we supposed to set examples for the rest of the world by housing great ideologies to protect and respect the women? Are not we responsible for curbing their flies? Don’t they have rights to education, expressions and others? When we will learn to respect them?  Even after 70 years of independence, half of the women populations are illiterate, they are house wives only, and they are not allowed to continue their professional lives after marriage. Why? Are they made for serving their husbands and relatives? Companies and firms do not wish to recruit married women because companies will bear the loss during their pregnancy time. Why? Why you are questioning on the existence and continuing of the world even? You don’t allow them to parliament; you undermine their capabilities as rulers, why? We rape them; we attack on them with acids. Why..Why do you attack your goddess?

Can we answer these questions? No we do not have.  Can we try to find out? If we try, we will certainly get the answers. Can we strive collectively to ensure their rights, to make this country great again, as it was? Can we allow half population to held their heads high, and then be proud of their achievements?

Let me know your views in the comment box. 

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12 thoughts on “Why always ‘WOMEN’ ??

  1. surindernath says:

    Darwin is right when he says mankind has evolved from monkeys but I am afraid, Darwin is only half right.

    Women have evolved, men are not ….they are still the same and… the ferocious monkeys in them, come out… the moment they see a beautiful
    girl… alone and unprotected !!

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    1. IndiaBlog says:

      beautifully said, This state of mind of men cause more harm than good. they forget their every responsibilities while growing monkey, wild and uncontrolled and finally leaving oneself behind the bars, portrayed as evildoers.

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  2. Vivek Vatsal1 says:

    That escalated and it should, Now that people begin to realize this, I must say the society as a whole has to take suitable measures in empowering the women. To add, women should value this power and not utilize it otherwise! Because a balanced society always progresses!

    Hats off to you for such a bold step!

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    1. IndiaBlog says:

      rightly said Vivek, When you pinchs, women should value this power, not utilise otherwise. still stepping a little back, staggering figures of women’s EXPLOITATION in India are deplorable. most importantly in rural area where 95% of women are illetrate.

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  3. writeshefali says:

    I like the idea …A man shouts out the plights of women so beautifully, My respect rises for a man like you… Keep up the good work, We women appreciate all the support we can get :)… Nice Post

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    1. IndiaBlog says:

      Thank You for appreciating. Nation can grow only by the rapport we share, reverence we show, atrocities we divide, happiness we share and strive together. There should not be any differences among men and women. Until and unless we start respecting and understanding each other’s perspective, How can we claim to be the messanger of God on the earth. Lets hope the people get it one day and make the earth a beautiful place to live in. ☺☺

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  4. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder says:

    I wish everybody would think in the way you do. But, unfortunately, the mindset of the society…the way some people infantilize womenfolk…we have a l-o-n-g way to go to answer those questions. But, as it is said, we shall overcome, someday….


    1. IndiaBlog says:

      Definetly, Society must grow sans bigotry and inclusive & it can only be accomplished when every individual understand its role in making of society, country and the world. Thank u for appreciating, i too hope, one day these scattered thoughts will reflect to every one’s conciousness.

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  5. BroadBlogs says:

    India, along with the rest of the world, have moved from a gender-equal world to patriarchy (male privilege). But from the looks of things we’re moving back toward partnership between the sexes — though we are also facing a backlash, both where I live (US) and in India.

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    1. IndiaBlog says:

      in a modern world, refusing the rights of the half population do not suit. we can not keep them striving for their rights for too long. equality must prevail and reverence to the women should be optimal for an amiable society.


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