In India why do we have Rajya Sabha?

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It has been long, since when there is a huge debate going on whether the supremacy of the Rajyasabha in Indian parliament is hampering the growth and becoming a hurdle towards the developmemt of the country. But i have a different say, I disagree. It might be that due to the politocial gratification and personal political aspirations, parties with majority of members in RajyaSabha have blocked its function and working and hence resulting in the blockades of the developments and policy making but yet this upper house of Indian parliament has significant roles, which if scrapped will put Indian democracy in jeopardy.

Following reasons, I would rather point out, why the existence and successful operation of rajyasabha is essential in India.

1. RajyaSabha controls the legislations, guide it to the peoper track and help India grow.

2. Rajyasabha is the house which represents the states in the country. As India is the union of states, it becomes very necessary to provide representations to the states while legitimating and ruling the nation. Rajya Sabha houses members directly elected from states, which is what India needs in actual to protect the sovereignty and federal structure of the country.


3. In absence of Rajya Sabha, many provacative legislations can be passed by loksabha by the ruling party in a state of majority. It might lead to voipence and calamity on society’s ground.

4. As members in the loksabha are directly represented through voting, there is a fair chances that whole country does not get fare proportion of seats in the lower house. For example- Presently acting government in Centre has 73 out of 80 MPs from UP but very less representations it has from Andhra Pradesh, West bengal, Kerala and other north eastern states. That means the composition of the loksabha is not homogenous. Suppose in such a situation and in the absence of Rajya Sabha, if Lok sabha passes any bill riding on majority of the ruling party, there is danger of many parts of the nation being left out, Rajya sabha balances this.

5. As the members of Rajya Sabha are directly elected from states, this house has got proportional members from the states according to their geography and population. Also one third member of the rajyasabha retires every two year, it compensates the fear of election of any particular party’s member in lok sabha incase of time bound popularity of that party’s PM nominee, like it was in 1984 that after Indira’s assasination, Congress party got 2/3rd majority but sooner than later they were reduced to ashes.

6. rajyasabha maintains the homogenous composition of the members from across the every nook and cranny of the nation.

Hence, though RajyaSabha has posed some challenges in the ruling and legislation due to political ratifications yet this is an Unseperable pillar of Indian democracy and it must be protected, respected and valued.

In India why do we have Rajya Sabha?


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