Abhinav Bindra: The man of incredible might

Mr. Abhinav Bindra, the man of formidable mental strength and indomitable courage, though lost the battle to claim his second Olympic medal in Rio in breathtaking finale, yet he accomplished ample laurels for the country. He has made 125 million Indians proud.

Mr. Bindra, who won the gold medal in 10 meter air rifle competition in the Beijing Olympics,2008 became the pioneer of sports other than cricket in the country. His efforts ignited the spirit of success among Indian athletes. This resulted in phenomenal performances by Indians on international podium in commonwealth games, Asian games and London Olympics.

A Shooting, a game of youngsters, which requires immense composure, optimum level of concentration, immaculate focus and niftiest efforts. Mr. Bindra even at an age of 33 years, left the whole shooting fraternity astounded by his impeccable shots at the RIO.
before finishing fourth, He outperformed many players and except few moments he maintained himself in top three in point table. Amidst pumping nerves, He scored prestigious ten points in a tiebreaker with Ukrainian shooter, but still he missed the medal for a micron.

The life of Mr. Bindra has been full of inspirations. At the age of 13 only, Mr. Bindra went for training in shooting. In Sydney Olympics 2000, He was eliminated from qualification round. The young athlete did not lose his patience and accepted the challenge as an opportunity.

He prospered due to his hard work and secured a place in finals of the Athens Olympics 2004. Another failure could not frighten him and he came back with even more mental strength in Beijing Olympics 2008 to script history. First time Indians heard their national anthem being played in Olympics in any individual athletic competition.
This event of Mr. Bindra winning gold has been marked as the most prestigious day in Indian sports history by many world agencies. The gold medal in Beijing reflected the potential of Mr. Bindra and it paved the way for the golden days of sports in India other than cricket.

Abhinav Bindra won gold medal in Beijing Olympics 2008

Gold medal in Beijing threw off the black clouds of Indian athletics, and elevated clouts of Indian sportsmen in a number of sports like shooting, boxing,wrestling, badminton, tennis and hockey. This was Mr. Bindra, who has helped India make their international presence felt in sports.

After his final game, Talking to media, Mr. Bindra claimed- i am complacent with my performance. I did it all, what i could have done. I am finished with shooting now.
After London Olympics, he went on a rigorous training and full fledged practice. he did everything possible to get the shooting gold back to India. Nevertheless, he could not succeed in his mission, he won million hearts by his dedication and work.
He shaped his golden career in an exemplary way. Throughout his 21 year long shooting career, He delivered many extraordinary performances and secured top places among shooters across the globe. What a great achievement it is, to be at the top for so long?
What’s more he could have done in a country with huge loopholes in sporting infrastructure? He has left a trail of supremacy and indelible achievements for the novices in the field of shooting. As he quits shooting, he is leaving bright platforms for his successors.

Though Mr. Bindra missed a podium finish in Rio, His life is full of great accomplishments. He has made India proud for more than two decades and India are indebted to his contributions. This feeling of reverence is bigger than a medal. He has missed medal by a margin of 0.1 points, but he has won million hearts.
Seldom India gets such sports person.
Farewell Sir !


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