At a time when the Whole world has been embracing the pseudo architecture of renunciation, relinquishing and ratifications driven by personal goals, deliberate selfishness, gratification and rapport less relations; The humankind’s need to once again contemplate of the reason behind their existence and theirs combined responsibilities towards the beautiful planet in the universe. Humankind’s need to escalate their efforts to protect this paramount gift by the almighty.

In the materialistic driven world, humans need to embrace renunciation, which is missing from their lives for a long time. Since the upsurge in the development and propriety long back, People have been forgetting the meaning behind the word ‘RENUNCIATION’ and hence letting the power of it go in vain and unused. Almost whole world is eager to plunge into the endearment of wealth, prestige, respect, money, material, power, ammunition and touts assisted goals. In the chase to these Mirage, They have been eliminating the true spirit of divinity, forgetting the message of the almighty and writing of Renunciation. This has led to the worse conditions of the living creatures on the earth in the direction of humanity, love, prosperity and peace. Eventually this practice of self appeasement has resulted in atrocities, evils and wrong doings on the earth. We need to remove this patronage of evils on the evildoers.

What is renunciation ? Renunciation is the power to throw off the mask of personal endearments and adopt the path of peacemaking, spreading love and helping the world to survive. It is the blend of humanity, kindness, love, respect, cause and internal strength of giving. It is far away from the present world’s concept of giving and taking back, aspirations of deceiving for one’s upliftment and fakeness.

Renunciation is the virtue of any individual who can leave their whole material, wealth, earned things and even his/her body for the service of the poors, needies and deprived. it is the phrase which describes the soul of god and disseminate the speech of fraternity. Renunciation arises when one wishes to let the things go off for the sake of the world’s peace, who can forget their feudal relationships with the peers and peomote peace.

Renunciation is marked by the practice of donations. If one can donate its life foe the services of the others, to assist the underprivileged rather than offering prayers in temples, marks the power of renunciation. It is the definition of sacrificing own over reaching interests in the wake of the grievances of millions, floating around.

Life is the beautiful creation of the god and its our role to protect, preserve and promote this creativity of the divine. We all must subsume our personal ratifications in the ‘RENUNCIATION’ package blow down, which has the power to deliver happiness on the faces of the left outs in the society. We must pledge We will devote some part of our lives flr the betterment of the world and help the humanity survive.



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    1. IndiaBlog says:

      Definetly, People must envisage of their responsibilities of holding the patronage of almighty, who have grown them as the most beautiful creature on the earth, and play their roles effectively for humanity and peace. The differentiation made by the niftiest divine among people and other lives on the earth must be read and understood profusely. Lets hope, We can make difference by such small steps and multiplying our chain of humanitarian souls day by day. Thank You ☺


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