URI Aftermath: Weighing India’s Options?

After a long long time, India voted any single party to power with an absolute majority on may 26,2014. People were rattled with ten years long-ruling of corruption, inflation, violence and deceased national integrity under congress dispensation. Nationalist curved and politically pumped then BJP president Mr Rajnath Singh, declared Mr Modi as prime ministerial candidate in Goa BJP national council meet in Nov 2013 by sidelining stalwarts confronting opinions. In the chase to power at the centre, BJP iconed Mr Modi as the harbinger of new thought & new hope, who will eradicate the perpetuating issues in the diverse country instantly. He was devoted to the god by chants like ‘Har Har Modi Ghar Ghar Modi’. Unambiguously this was beyond the human constructive mind.

Now as Mr Modi has marched half past his tenure, He has Gurdaspur, Pathankot and URI to show to the people of the country as his Nationalist might. To hide his failures in generating jobs and pushing the country on the track of rapid development, He has ardently used a nationalist card but failed to impress here also as it has backfired. After intimidating Pathankot, on 18 September URI happened, killing 18 brave soldiers while they were sleeping. It was reminiscent of Pathankot attack few month back. Terrorists trained in neighbouring country has been provocative towards security and defence infrastructure preferably rather than killing  public in past few attacks. This pattern also reveals their strategy of weakening the Indian defence infrastructure.

Unlike Pathankot, this time, Indian dispensation has been actively pondering to retaliate, sensing people’s mind in the country. Fuelling media rumours that India will attack Pakistani terrorist based in POK, Govt officials have been silent instead. Mr Modi has shown his desire to isolate Pak diplomatically than launching the direct attack on the credulous neighbour with possible nuclear keys in terror sanctuaries.

But this dispensation has not been as able as the govt in past has been in executing the Herculean task. Ms Gandhi govt had done a commendable job by throwing PAK out of mainstream international business after 1971 war. Perhaps the situation is not conducive to the cries presently.

The United Nations, founded in 1945 is now succumbing to the internal fight. The veto power members have tussled with each other. The USA has measurable rifts with China and Russia. France is well placed enviably with Great Britain. This has led to decreased authenticity of UNSC. The living and vivid example of terrorism are backed by China to protect his ally Pak at UN. China openly defies international court order on SCS (South China Sea). How this mighty body can constructively work to address the problem of the world ? This is the reason ‘International convention against Terrorism’ is still pending at UN albeit its security council members are even suffering from it.

China has always blocked India’s attempt to isolate Pakistan internationally. To protect his all-weather ally china uses its veto power. This has encouraged Pakistan to commit frequent crimes on Indian soil. What India needs is a comprehensive policy on China & Pakistan to tackle the looming threat of all round attack on its sovereignty.

People are equivocally talking about breaking Indus water treaty with Pakistan. But it is not that easy because of the Mr Nehru’s heartiest desire of power. An international court is the third party in this treaty. India won’t go against international dispensation. Further India has no medium to block the flow of water in these rivers even if it desires to do so. India has not built dams and canals on these rivers till now. None of the hydroelectric projects is complete. Hence India can not trouble Pakistan instantly even it wishes to break Indus water treaty with Pak. Hence why to plunge into the sea if you do not know how to swim ?

Strange spreads when Indians read the news of Joint military exercise of Russia and Pakistan. What happened that the Russia who used to openly pronounce that it will do everything to protect India and it will never use its infrastructure to aid Pakistan, has now signed multi-million dollar defence deal with Pakistan and agreed to joint military exercise? Now and where it’s the failure of Modi’s strategic approach to foreign policy.

Now, what Mr Modi can do to validate his rhetorics in the chase to power in 2014? As UN has become inefficient, China is hovering over Pakistani lands with its far-sighted project of ONE BELT ONE ROAD which includes very sensitive China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) passing through POK and Balochistan, Russia coming close to china & Pakistan and Britain parting ways from EU? Mr Modi should use all its arm to retaliate and vandalise the exporter of terror and violence at the same time when an enemy is tracked rather than waiting for US directives and amassing international support. India must not wait for international signal and support to isolate Pakistan. It won’t happen amidst huge turbulence on international relations pitch. Mr Modi should strike inside the Pakistani territory hard to destroy terrorist network and portray why India is the king of the south and central Asia ?

Will Mr Modi really use his so called formidable nationalist missile to wreck the hell on the earth ? Questions remain and answers are dubious.