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India occupies 2.41% of the world’s land area but supports more than 18% of the world’s population. India is 7th by land region in the world but positioned on 2nd by population means. Government data reveals India’s population to be 1.3 billion (1,33,28,65473) in May 2016. India is all set to become the most populous country in the world replacing China by 2022. Out of all, around 70% of the India’s population reside in villages and rest 30% in urban areas. All clear, Indian villages are underdeveloped, deprived of resources . rural-youth

Out of all, around 70% of the India’s population reside in villages and rest 30% in urban areas. All clear, Indian villages are underdeveloped, deprived of resources and left outs. Even basic amenities and necessities of livings are missing in rural areas. I too have been brought about in a small village in Jharkhand state where there is no road, electricity, drinking water facility, schools, hospitals and any sort of employment or business opportunities. Throughout my journey, I have realized many hardships. Many questions often rattle me that how India can claim to be the power in the world with its 70% of the people facing so much shortage of resources and opportunities ?

Delving deep into the facts poised, India’s frequent claims of becoming the super power in technology, defence, manufacturing and innovation appear a farce stunt only. Despite extraneous efforts put by the govt to revive rural scenerio, improve Indian education pattern, draw business from overseas, Why India fails everytime ? Answer is nothing but India.

At the time of Independence, Indians were suffering from huge shortage of food, poverty and aminities of standard livings. As successive governemnts deployed various steps to overcome these filths, Why results were not persuasive ? Because of the parallel exponential population growth, soft lands for cultivation of corruption and lack of farsightedness of the reigners diluted the effects of steps. Now the scenerio is worse than imaginable.

India overwhelmingly shouts at international podium and chants more than 65% of the Indian population to be under the age of 35 years as its formidable strenghts. But How this is possible ? Can the coronation be made  possible withy 70% enept, unskilled, most of them uneducated rural population, who they only suffer to the system in every nook and corner of the country ?

When a rural boy starts going to school with a fresh mind, He/She is thrown in an education system of pervasive corruption and poisoNed mid day meal. Some how if the students reach upto class 10 and score well in their board, They are left with their options and choice to continue their studies. It is important to note that most of them drop the study due to financial challenges. At this point of time, No government support is available to students to guide them. In the mess, Students commit mistake and finally ends up desperately searching a job only writing off every other scenario of higher studies, research, and development. More than 90% of the Indian youths are in desperate quest of a job in such a job market, which is developing at 7% growth rate but producing minimal job opportunities. Now imagine, How India can be a super power riding on the capabilities of these youths?


System is polluted in the country. Here talent is not valued, Data and facts are valued, measured and respected. Here religion, caste and nepotism in valued, Innovation, capabilities, hard works are not, in workplace. Due to this scrap methodology of ruling and making, India is lagging in many fields. Brilliant people from the rural area who faced some hurdles during their studies due to unawareness  are not accepted by the system. After all why ? Just because they have risen from places where they got no guidance and supoorts and in hurry commited some mistakes. They are thrown away by the system.

What are the alternatives ? Yes, few are available. Reigners must try to see the future of the country in coming  years when India will be most populous but having least opportunities. Ignoring criticism from the opposition, bold steps such as polulation control, reviving the system, cashing on rural population must be started. This can bring some soothes on the board else situation looks so grim, dont know whether it will lead to prosperity of the country or destruction of the masses ?


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