Nuclear India: Why China-Pak should worry?

India lists Japan as the 14th country in the world to have signed a civil nuclear deal on Nov 11th, 2016. Hours before the deal to come into place, Indian defence minister Mr Parrikar striked hard on a battle pitch by claiming in his personal opinion that No first use policy of nuclear arm by India should be repealed in the interest of the nation. These activities were sufficient enough to intimidate the arch rival and irresponsible Pakistan, at the same time by knocking down China’s contentious dream of south china sea.

India has got a powerful and able defence minister as Mr. Parrikar

After six years of rigorous discussions, As India brings Japan, the lone country to bear the strike of nuclear bomb in 1945, into deal of nuclear technology despite being a non-signatory of NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) against which China is blocking India’s march to the most powerful NGS group of 48 countries, were able to push Chinese president Xi-Xinping into state of retrospection and Pak PM Nawaz Sharif into a state of introspection on the possibilities of nuclear slap by India in near future.

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As the events unfold globally, Beijing and Islamabad is busy in calculating the next trajectory. Amidst the rise of Mr Trump as president-elect of the United States, Growing friendship between India and Japan, Negative sentiments about Pakistani poisons as terrorists, Mr Modi’s rhetoric of isolating Pakistan globally seems to have started working.

Pakistani and Chinese media have started barking on India-Japan treaty as it opens the path for India’s entry into NSG. As Mr. Obama administration is putting strenuous efforts for India’s entry into NSG  and a simultaneous exponential rise of India-US-Japan friendship, New world order is set to arrive following Mr. Trump’s clear view on state-sponsored terrorism from Pakistan into India and Afghanistan. 

India’s historic deal with Japan also marks the advent of the golden era of technological might for the India. At a time when India have agreed and also verified to cut carbon emission by 35% by 2032, This deal is more and more indispensable.

To stand by its promise at 21st CoP on Climate Change in Peris in Dec 2015 and simultaneously fulfilling exponential rising energy demands in the country, India needs the new clean sources of energy. After signing the nuclear deal with US, RUSSIA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and others, deal with Japan has brought soothing space for Indian policy makers.

Image of Nuclear blast. Souce: Google

What do these equations reveal ? At one side, India stands tall before the world when it comes to rescuing the threat of climate change by already rectifying its commitment on climate change on Gandhi’s birth anniversary, before many countries including China who is among the largest Co2 emitters. On another side of the table, India has been able to bring the most technologically advanced country to the table of an agreement. At the same time, Indian defense minister advocates to repeal it’s no first use policy, rather he says to have Sensible nuclear arms use policy.

Is India of Modi  more secure, safe, responsible and Powerful?


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