1 million, Really a big Number ??

Engineering, Medical, law or civil services ?? These are the few career options before any student in a country with 130 million heads. Out of these, more than 50% intermediate pass-out students opt for engineering, so called most cited and respected profession in India, Which in turn results in a catastrophically self generated flood? Students compete with their peers at optimum level to get into the colleges of highest prestige but most of them fails to accomplish the feat, which in turn results in absorbing 80-90% of the Indian high schools pass-outs aspiring for engineering into private colleges where auction of education and business is more dominant than the heart of engineering besides kicking core of the education out of the campus.


Now what happens after four year of their engineering? India releases largest pool of engineers (around 1 million in numbers a year) among all countries in the world. India outsmarts even most populous China in the race. Out of one million of engineers what India produces every year, expert studies reveals that only 30% of them gets a job and rest remain either idle, unemployed or under-employed in a firm of completely different domain than their branch of study.

Now some serious question rattle me always, which triggered me to write this column. Considering the pace with which engineering colleges are being opened in India and more interestingly the pace of absorption of students into engineering colleges of very low standards, in nearly 10 years, every year around 30 lakh engineers will be coming out of their academics in hunt of a job. Job available to them are very less in numbers. One though crushes me always- is India going to be the stalk of its dividend? Is there going to surface unemployment explosion among youths which will finally outburst into uncontrollable chain, causing unfathomable damage to the country’s sovereignty and peace?


Whatever is the answer, one thing is pretty clear, and Government should plan to absorb such a large available workforce into the job market by bringing in proper policies and shutting down the colleges which promotes fish-market of the engineering course. Rather government should promote incentives of self-competitiveness among students during their college life to build them into employable graduates. Start up India is such a good initiative but due to the loop-holes into the system it has also become just another mark of symbol in government posters and flexes rather than yielding positive results. Without fixing loop holes it would be very difficult for the government to absorb the  exponentially rising menace, which is going to either sink the Indian voyage or catapult it to the pinnacle where no detest and jealousy can imagine to land. Post your views?