where we are at fault?

Amidst uncertainties, there are opportunities….? If you don’t fail, you can’t cheer your success to the epitome..?  have you heard these lines ever, I have. Not once…not twice…. but a number of times through different means and linked to different purposes. Whenever these words penetrated my ears, it led to advent of new hopes, millions time bigger and better in strength, but has it paid off me ans people like me in my country?

Last time when I heard the first quote, I could not restrain myself from letting my anguish crush these words as soon as it stroked.  In recently concluded ET Business summit in national capital, a renowned businessman from China reiterated the first quote directed to the Indian business market. He was referring to the volatile and credulous business policy India has, which thwarts the march of businesses and investments to the nation of 130 billion heads, stalked in lack of  growth and underemployment and desperately needing opportunities.

We are very complacent with the rhetoric only. We always claim to be the fastest growing economy in the world. Now and then Our ambassdor across the globe portray this, next moment we do find a news column criticizing India as the fastest growing JOBLESS economy. What are the reasons that we do fail to our own promises and aspirations and always stand tall to embrace the hard criticism by our competitors?

Answer lies itself in our system. We are the latecomer of the class. A class with no teacher yet its students no less than the big scientists, businessperson, engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs. We Indians are extremely busy in our daily responsibilities that by the time we reach the class, the self-proclaimed teacher of the class leaves. Then what we do, we are not worried rather we are satisfied that we are the VISHWAGURU, we will learn ourselves everything and lead the race.business

This complacency is killing us. We are losing the race to the big market players, our neighbors, even our poor neighbors, who has aligned with the giants of the field. One who use to beg to us are now staring at us. Why what has gone wrong with us, administrators and policy makers? It’s the self-satisfaction, lack of visions and wrong policies which has kept us the hostage of our own evils.

Our policies are protectionist, binding and thwarting any possible legendary overhauls. Indian market is the closed market. Its access is denied to the pioneers in the genre. Policies are age-old and the required steps to improve the scenario are hanging the ropes at the temple of democracy-the parliament.

Only IPS, IAS, IRS are recruited to hold the key positions in governance machinery. Only they are entitled to make policies and think of India’s development. They don’t have any competitions from the back door. This is slowing their performances down. India should have also adopted the methodology of recruiting talents (like UK, USA, FRANCE) from private sectors to hold the key positions in the government but no they are NOT.

It has not happened. It should happen so that the talented and visionary persons from the private sectors who could not make it to IAS, IRS OR IPS but have high intent and capabilities to contribute to the nation building and growth could make it to the organizations responsible for the country’s development as NITI AAYOG, DRDO, PMO and FAINANCE SERVICES.12ww31

This can only happen if government wishes this to, if the governments can enact their responsibilities by relinquishing their political ramifications for some time. A decisive leadership is needed. Many says we have got one, but still the decisions are awaited, let us see when do we awake in true sense rather not only by chanting Swami Vivekanand’s rhetoric’s?







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