A tale of twist- Race to trump the world

Sea levels are rising and oceans are becoming warmer. Longer droughts are posing threat to lives by risking wildlife, crops, forests and water supply. Natural calamities have become intermittent across the part of the globe. Tsunami, tremors, killer squall and untreatable viruses are the main part of world headlines. The temperature of the earth is rising viciously. Menace is even much bigger than portrayed by the science community.


21st Session Of Conference On Climate Change COP21 Opens At Le Bourget
Representatives of parties to Paris Climate deal in 2015. Mr. Obama, then US President with UN played the pivotal role in the making of the accord, which was later revoked by Mr. Trump, Obama’s successor.


Pollution level is poised at the highest level. India houses 14 out of world’s 15 most polluted cities. World temperature is set to rise by 2 Degree Celsius by this century ends. Don’t read it just 2, read it as a vivid threat to lives. Camouflaging will not be possible. Even 0.5 Degree rise is next to inviting fire to your neighborhood.  The expressions of intent are to injure a billion lives.


Donald Trump is showing documents signed by him to pull the USA out of Iran nuclear deal. Experts suggest America will repent this Trump’s imbecile decision. Source: google images


The world community is not oblivion to this. After years of deliberations, 196 countries came to one platform to sign an accord on CLIMATE CHANGE. Paris climate agreement was put in place at the 21st conference of parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) IN DECEMBER 2015. A sober hope came to the fore. A target was set to thwart the global temperature rise below 2 Degree Celsius. Countries pledged to even put extraneous efforts to limit it to 1.5 degrees C.

A framework of nationally determined contributions (NDCs) was brought in place. Indian dispensation, despite being on receiving the edge of loses became second to none to sign the treaty and even declare the intentions to cut the carbon-di-oxide emissions to 35% of the present level in 15 years by 2035.


JCPoA (Iran nuclear deal) deprived Iran of nuclear bombs and in return America and world powers lifted sanctions on Iran and welcomed Iranian economy to the globalization. ImageSource: NuclearBombGoogle


For a developing country of 1.32 billion population, lacking in basic amenities to most of its population, struggling to eradicate poverty and in dire need of rapid industrialization to meet the exponentially rising demand of growth, it was an arduous task to invest in technologies of pollution control rather than putting its hard-earned money on development & welfare of deprived masses. But no, Indian as they are known for pioneering the world in past, took lead this time as well to save the planet.

Contrary to this, a country which has used the conventional sources of energy extensively and contributes most to the world’s pollution level the United States of America surprised the world by pulling itself out of the Paris accord in July 2017. All the endeavors earned by the draconian president of USA Mr. Donald Trump.


effect of greenhouse gases are enormous and killing the creatures. At a time when the world must ponder on its solution. World’s most able troubleshooter(NASA) is being deprived of funds by American dispensation.  Image: Google



He denigrated the efforts of his predecessor Mr. Obama who had burnt his night oils to get this deal done. The whole world shook to the nerves as the USA was going to lead the implementation of this accord from 2020 onwards and to everyone’s surprise, Mr. Donald had started trumping this world.

Mr. Trump is obsessed with the slogan of making America great again but inadvertently he is putting the fate of his fellow Americans to the irrevocable risks. This was the beginning. Mr. Trump did not stop here. Apart from initiating trade wars with other nations, which belongs to the personal capacity of the USA he has invited this world to be the bed of corpse in the time to come?


image showing parties to Iran nuclear deal. Any damage to the Iran deal will cause great loss to India because Iran is the 3rd largest oil exporter to India. india is also eyeing strategically important Chabahar Port but US sanctions on Iran would put Indian interests at bay. Image from Google



Mr. Trump has cut short the funding of NASA, the world-leading research body which was involved in finding the ways to cut the greenhouse emissions. Mr. Trump is not willing to do anything which can benefit the world and the climate. Deliberately he is pointing towards a changing world order, where America is ready to vacate the driver seat. But is it going to be beneficial for the world?


The problem of drought and other natural calamity is the biggest cause of concern before the world. The world community must sit across the table to find a solution to the rising water problems to save the lives on this beautiful planet.


Mr. Trump recently decided to pull America out of the IRAN NUCLEAR PACT which also parties China, France, UK, Russia, and Germany. Mr. Trump alleged that the deal was unilateral and the USA was getting nothing from this agreement.

Not to forget Mr. Trump’s predecessors had put years of efforts to bring Iran to the table of the pact and diffuse Iranian nuclear ambitions. It took 40 long years and Mr. Trump took only a few suns shines to revert the same, inviting disorder in the world of oils and gas, arms, ammunition, and diplomacy. His very decision was seen as reprehensible even by his fellow Americans.


Mr. Obama had played on the front foot to bring Iran to the negotiating table on the denuclearization of Iran – an Islamic country and so-called sponsors of terrorists by current Trump administration. Image from Google


What this analysis says- inefficient decision making in the most powerful house in the world- The white house. What would be its repercussions? Perhaps catastrophic.  Is this world ready to fight the menace posed by Trump’s falling political acumen?


Image Source: Google


Will other world powers stand up to the threat to address these global challenges which threaten the whole world community? Will there be another fade of Trump’s mind? would successive USA governments keep sticking to the Trump’s principle of isolating the world power and let the rest suffer at a time when even a single disaster in any part of the world (politically, economically, natural calamity) get reflected in the life of  last people in every nook and corner of the world  instantly? Would this Trump Policy thrive?







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